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VariZoom VZCINEMAPRO-K2 Remote Head mit PanBar


remoteHead der gehobenen Klasse - Kameragewichte bis 25Kg - hier im Set mit Fluidkopf und großer Steuerung.

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Foto VariZoom VZCINEMAPRO-K2 Remote Head mit PanBar

CinemaPro Remotehead mit voll ausgestatteter Steuerung.

Das CinemaPro K2 Kit wird mit voll ausgestatteter Fernbedienung, einem Fluid-Fernbedienungs-Stativkopf mit Encoder, 15 Meter Steuerkabel, Netzteil und Transportkoffer geliefert.

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CinemaPro Remotehead mit voll ausgestatteter Steuerung.

Das CinemaPro K2 Kit wird mit voll ausgestatteter Fernbedienung, einem Fluid-Fernbedienungs-Stativkopf mit Encoder, 15 Meter Steuerkabel, Netzteil und Transportkoffer geliefert.

Technische Daten

Height 19.5"
Width 12"
Depth 6"
Weight 21 lbs
Camera weight 50lbs
Camera clearance (underslung) Standard 15.5" min / 17.5" max; With 1 head extension: 17.5" min / 19.5" max; With 2 head extensions: 19.5" min / 21.5" max
Pan/Tilt speed Up to 210 degrees/second
Mechanical travel Unlimited rotation for each axis

Is stabilization / backpan available? Yes, for an extra fee

What is the Camera Weight Capacity for the CinemaPro?
50lbs is max payload; 35lbs is best for full performance.

Is there a Delay or Response Time for the Handwheels, Pan-Bars, or Advanced Controller?
When you turn the handwheels, move the pan-bars, or use the joystick, motion begins instantaneously (no lag time). There is no noticeable lost motion control between systems. As with the Advanced Controller, the Smoothing feature can be finely adjusted to tune the acceleration/deceleration behavior of the handwheels or the pan-bars, but all have instantaneous response time.

Can it Mount to a Jimmy Jib?
Yes, the Jimmy Jib adapter is available by special order.

What is the Intervalometer Mode ?
Allows recorded takes to be played back and stretched to any reasonable span of time (up to 999 hours). The built-in intervalometer provides a switch closure and triggers any camera that works that way.

What are Soft Limits ?
The soft limit is a programmable motion range limit that independently restricts how far the head can pan or tilt while appropriately smoothing the stops so the head doesn t jerk or slam on the brakes, regardless of how fast it is moving. Soft limits can be set to any desired position or turned off completely.

Software Compatibility?
Works with Maya, Kuper, and other CG software. Has ability to export to virtual set/studio software.

The CinemaPro is built with Slip Rings - What are they and Why are they Important?
A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals within a rotating structure, eliminating the need for cables that can twist. Slip rings provide unrestrained, continuous rotation while transmitting power and/or data, enabling unlimited 360 degree turns. Cabled connections in a pan/tilt motion control head will twist up, creating mechanical resistance and potential connection failure. Additionally, since slip rings are internal, they are not as prone to failure as external cable runs that can be easily damaged. The CinemaPro uses high-quality, ultra-reliable custom slip rings.

What is the Coax Commutator?
The Coax Commutator is an integrated option to provide a second set of isolated, wetted slip rings for noise-free video transmission. 1080P HD can't pass through due to the 2dB signal loss, buy 720P may pass through. If the option is not selected, the video signal runs through our standard brushed slip ring and tends to have more signal noise. If you are using video for witness-only, it is more than adequate.

Can HD pass through the CinemaPro Head?
In order to pass 1080P HD through our head, the least expensive option is adding a hardwired signal path - this will limit rotation and may not be ideal for all applications. The CinemaPro s optional Coax Commutator slip ring is noise-immune, but it has a 2dB signal loss which does not permit 1080P HD to function properly, though 720P may pass through. For users recording in the camera, the SD output passing through the head may be adequate for monitoring purposes. Of course, if you don t need to rotate the head more than 360 degrees, it s always an option to run external video cables for your HD needs.

What is the Voltage Range of the CinemaPro s Slip Rings?
Our slip rings can handle anywhere between 0 and 60 VDC, not to exceed 12 amps peak.

What is the Peripheral Cable ?
It is used for virtual set software.

What is an Offset Plate?
A replacement for the gold-colored mounting plate in the camera platform that allows a camera to be offset left or right in 1/8" increments from center. We make 1/4" and 1/8" offset plates.

Does the system work only with analog servo motors like M28VP or is it also compatible with digital lens drives like the Heden M26VE?
It works with both.

Is there Iris Control through the Advanced Controller?
No. It is only set up as a two channel lens control for zoom and focus. Iris can be controlled along with zoom and focus through the TOC lens control system.

Is the Pan Bars Option available with a Mitchell Mount?

What is Backlash? Is it a Problem?
Backlash is the amount of clearance between the gear teeth. If there is excessive backlash, it can cause some slop in the motion when reversing directions, and that is why we provide a backlash adjustment in the CP for adjusting it to a minimum. Backlash can be easily adjusted - contact us.

On the Advanced Controller, how do you control Zoom and Focus?
The large knob on the lower left controls focus and the spring-loaded joystick controls zoom when you twist it left and right.

What Lens Motors are Compatible?
All Canon and Fujinon servo lenses (digital or analog) can be directly controlled through the Advanced Controller. You can also control certain Preston, Heden, or Viewfactor lens drive motors, but you will need to power them through a motor control amplifier like an MDR2 or our TOC. All digital lens drives are controllable/repeatable through the CinemaPro's Advanced Controller; analog lens drives are controllable, but not repeatable.

Time Lapse?
Using the Intervalometer Mode, the CinemaPro Advanced Controller is capable of stretching recorded motion control takes over a time span of 999 hours with variable frame, phase, and sync settings.


We can make standard control cables up to 1000'. 2500' is the electrical limit for the standard cable connection, although this amount of cable is typically only practical for fixed installations. Above 1000', fiber optic is a better option for in-field use, and it's good up to 5 miles. Wireless performs up to a mile with line-of-sight.

Storing and playing back multiple position points
The remote can store marked positions, and if you are running a digital lens, you can preprogram zoom and focus. Before you start programming your multiple mark positions, you want to calibrate the head either to home sense or to a known optical zero. You also want to be sure your tripod is sandbagged so it doesn't move around, or you will have to re-zero or recalibrate.
The two methods we use to calibrate the head are a little bit different, but setting up an optical zero is easier and less intrusive if you need to update your zero during record (e.g., in case someone bumps the tripod out of position).
After you've calibrated/zeroed the head, record all of your multiple positions or marks. Recall them by selecting "GoTo" - "Enter" - "Mark" - "Enter". To move between marks hold down the "Shift" button and press the "Play" or "Stop" button to toggle through your marks; you will see the number in the mark window change as you do this.


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