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VariZoom VZZGRIG-DSLR - die ultmative DSLR Schulterstütze

Schulterstütze für alle DSLR Kameras - Arme entlasten und frei bewegen

Foto VariZoom VZZGRIG-DSLR - die ultmative DSLR Schulterstütze
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Based on the ZG Rig for HD video cameras, the ZG Rig DSLR is specially tailored to DSLR-for-video applications. It offers an impressive range of adjustments to fit just about any body type or shooting preference. Configurable to right or left shoulder mounts, high or low angles, and near or far mounting positions, the ZG Rig DSLR will accommodate a huge range of needs. The system comes with an extra-long accessory mount for flashes, monitors, lights, mics, etc

Technische Daten

Material Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Weight 6.3 lbs. (+ 2.5lb for counterweight)
Compatibility Cameras up to 7 lbs
Pod Range 18-32"
Includes Suspension pod, padded shoulder support rig w/ quick release assembly, adjustable belt w/ holster, removable counterweight (2.5lbs), removable accessory mount


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