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Lilliput A5 4K able lightweight HDMI monitor
Lilliput A5 4K able lightweight HDMI monitor

The Lilliput A5 is the Lilliput monitor with lightweight case and 4K hdmi input/output to feature 4K inputs at the 5" screen size. It's UHD 4K compatible with 16:9 Aspect Ratio LCD field monitor which presents its images on a Full HD 1920x1080 LCD panel. If you're a mobile shooter who has upgraded to the 4K workspace, the A5 offers control over your shooting workflow both in the field and in the studio.

4K UHD Input over HDMI 1.4
The A5is the first Lilliput monitor to feature a 5" 4K input. Facilitated by an HDMI 1.4 input, the A5 is a solid choice for Ultra HD film makers and photographers alike.

5" HDMI Monitor with Widescreen Aspect Ratio
The Lilliput A5 features our first full HD native panel. Much improved over its predecessors, this high resolution will give you the clearest view of your images without the need for down sampling or interpolation.

4K HDMI Loopthrough Output
The A5 features an HDMI loop through function - meaning you can connect the output of this monitor via HDMI to any other device with an HDMI input. A great solution for Video Village and extended screen viewing.

Function Mapping to Individual Keys
The A5 has two customisable function keys - meaning you can program them to allow for a shortcut through to your favourite and most used in-monitor functions, without needing to scroll through comprehensive menus.

Advanced Monitor Functionality
As detailed at the bottom of this description page, the A5 has a multitude of advanced functions to assist with your shooting. Namely - Timecodes, Columnar YRGB, Pixel Zoom Function, Vector Scopes, Audio Level Meters, Peaking, False Colour, Histograms, Exposures, Check Fields, Color Bars, Pixel to Pixel, and Image flips. A host of functions for a multi faceted monitoring solution.

Battery Plate System for Compatible DSLR Batteries
We supply the monitor with 2 battery plates as standard - these are compatible with the Sony F-970. Also available are the Sony QM91D and the Panasonic DU21, Canon LP-E6 and for an addition charge we can supply a V-Mount battery plate.

1/4" BSW Thread Holes, with Shoe Mount Adaptor

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RUIGE HD lmonitor TL-480HDC
RUIGE HD lmonitor TL-480HDC

Der RUIGE TL-480HDC ist ein sehr handlicher und professioneller DSLR Kamera Monitor mit einem 4.8 Zoll Display und HD-SDI, HDMI und CVBS Ein- und Ausgängen.

Dieser kompakte 12 cm HD Monitor wurde eigens für den Einsatz mit Video- oder DSLR Kamera entwickelt. Ausgestattet mit Funktionen und Eingängen die in dieser Preisklasse ungewöhnlich sind, stellt der RUIGE TL-480 HD eine sehr kostengünstige Alternative dar.
Dank der mitgelieferten, umklappbaren Sonnenblende ist der Monitor auch bei Sonneneinstrahlung im Außeneinsatz gut geeignet und im geschlossenen Zustand das Display geschützt.
Der integrierte Konverter des Models TL-480 HDC wandelt HDMI Signale in ein HD-SDI Signal um und integriert damit HMDI Gerät in die Welt der Profis !
Für die Stromversorgung stehen neben dem 12V DC Netzteil auch Adapter für DV-Mount zur Auswahl.
Die Tasten und Drehknöpfe erlauben eine benutzerfreundliche Bedienung, die sich gegen unbeabsichtigtes Verstellen sperren lässt.
Der Monitor wird komplett mit Zubehör und externem Netzteil geliefert.

Funktionen und Ausstattung:
• Faltbare und abnehmbare Sonnenblende
• Lock Key und Fast Key
• Blue und Green only, sowie B/W
• 1:1 und Zoom Mode -> Kontrolle der Bildschärfe
• Embedded Audio (SDI) mit Pegelanzeige

• Seitenverhältnis , Overscan, Underscan
• Bereichsmarkierungen
• Farbtemperatur Standard und Benutzer
• HDMI/HD-SDI Konverter

Signal Ein- und Ausgänge
• 1x HDMI Eingang / Ausgang (HDCP kompatibel)
• 1x HD/SD-SDI Eingang / Ausgang (SD/HD-SDI BNC 75 Ohm)
• 1x FBAS Eingang/Ausgang (BNC 75 Ohm)
• 1x 12 V DC Stromversorgung (DC)

• HDMI Riegel zur Verriegelung des HDMI Kabels
• Netzteil mit verschiedenen Landes-Adaptern
• Monitor mit Sonnenschutzblende/Schutzklappe
• Gelenkschuh
• Powertap Stromversorgungskabel

Für von uns importierte RUIGE Monitore gilt eine Gewährleistung von 24 Monaten. Reparatur in unserem Haus.

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VariZoom VZ-M5 KIT ( VZM5K ) 5 inch HDMI monitor
VariZoom VZ-M5 KIT ( VZM5K ) 5 inch HDMI monitor

VZM5 monitor deluxe kit with sunhood/screen protector, Sony L series battery plate, high-capacity battery (6 hrs), charger, soft case, swivel shoe mount, HDMI cable locks (2), remote zoom button for focus assist, AC adapter, 2 HDMI cables (standard-standard & standard-mini).
This kit includes everything you need for monitoring your video productions. Starting with our ultra-sharp VZM5 monitor for accurate representation of your video feed, this kit includes accessories and features you won't find anywhere else.

The collapsible sunhood/screen protector offers a professional look, excellent viewing outdoors, and superior protection during storage & transport. The high-capacity battery system will keep your monitor running for 6 hours or more. Pre-mounted with the kit are a Sony L series battery plate and the extremely handy HDMI locks to prevent the cable from loosening or damaging the monitor connectors should the cable get yanked or bent. Also included are the swivel shoe mount for attaching the monitor to your camera and the padded carrying case that holds everything together and protects your investment.

Last but not least is the innovative zoom button that allows you to remotely put the monitor in pixel-to-pixel and peaking modes for extremely accurate focusing.

Buy this kit to save or purchase the accessories a la carte. Don't forget about our optional VZM5-RC rubber case protector to make your monitor stand up to the rigors of field use.

VZM5 monitor w/ power supply and 2 HDMI cables (mini-std and std-std)
Hard Sunhood/Screen Protector
High Capacity L Series Battery 47Wh
Compact Travel Charger
Battery Plate Sony L Series (premounted)
Remote Zoom Button for Focus Assist
Swivel Shoe Mount for camera-top mounting
2 HDMI locks for In and Out
Soft Case w/ Carrying straps

Accepts all HD signals up to 1080p
HDMI In / Out (loop through)
DSLR Scaling to allow full-screen viewing of image from cameras such as Canon 5D
Auto Aspect Ratio Detection
Monochrome (B&W) mode
Image Flip for inverted mounting (1/4 -20 mounts on top and bottom of monitor)
Safety Area markers (5 levels), Centerline Marker, 4:3 area markers
Underscan and Overscan modes
Color Temperature Presets (D65 and D93 standards), or user-defined through RGB settings
Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness adjustments
Customizable Menu Options for menu duration, position, text color and language
Headphone jack for audio monitoring
Pixel-to-Pixel Zoom and Peaking for Focus Assist

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