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EZFX EZ JIB - Jib crane for camera weight up to 23Kg
EZFX EZ JIB - Jib crane for camera weight up to 23Kg

EZ Jib:
• Lightweight and Portable
• Supports all camera formats
• Drag adjustments for lift and rotation
• Invertible camera platform
• Stabilizer for tripod style shots
• Unique option for manual pan/tilt
• Extendable into longer camera crane
• Accessories for monitoring and portablility

The EZ Jib is a user friendly jib arm, ideal for field, studio or multi camera productions. It s lightweight, portable and easy to set up in just a few minutes. The wide range of camera movement created by the jib produces incredibly smooth floating camera shots and simulated dolly moves to create the visual effects that add value to productions, impress clients and attract new business. The EZ Jib can also be used to quickly frame up the camera into an infinite number of angles for still shots and save valuable production time. The stabilizer feature allows you to do tripod shots directly from the jib without removing the camera from the jib. With an affordable price the EZ Jib will bring a quick return on investment.
What sets the EZ Jib apart from all others is its versatility. With unique accessories like the EZ FX Handle, the EZ Jib becomes the most unique jib on the market. Most production Jibs only provide lift and rotation movement. The EZ FX Handle is a manual pan/tilt controller that allows you to produce compound jib shots with 4 different camera movements (lift, rotation, pan and tilt). The EZ FX Handle is a low cost alternative to a motorized joystick pan tilt controller.
Another optional accessory is the Extension Kit which lets you convert the regular EZ Jib arm into a longer event style camera crane, giving you 3 jibs in one. This add on accessory allows you to grow your jib system as your needs grow. We also offer our own line of Joystick Remote Controls and different styles of Lens Controls.
Other accessories for monitoring, for portability and special applications reinforce our claims that the user friendly EZ Jib was designed with the end user in mind, with solutions for every situation, location or concept.

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