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VariZoom VZ-TOC-DX1-K

Foto VariZoom VZ-TOC-DX1-K

The all-new TOC-DX1-K wireless universal follow focus system

The all-new TOC-DX1-K wireless universal follow focus system does more for less money than any other system on the market. Designed by the team behind the acclaimed CinemaPro, the TOC-DX1-K will pull focus on any video or cinema lens with absolute precision and reliability. This upgraded unit has both slider and fluid-drag hand knob for ultimate flexibility and an easy upgrade path to a focus/iris 2-channel system. Wireless comes standard with a remarkable range over 1000', and the system can be upgraded to 2 or 3 channels. Hand Unit power comes through a widely available Canon BP 927-945 series Li-Ion rechargeable battery, while the "Receiver" can be powered by 12-24VDC at the camera end.

Precision Machining - Extremely tight tolerances are held on every machined part to ensure flawless fit and finish. Designed and produced using cutting edge software and equipment, the mechanical integrity and operational stability of the TOC are above reproach.

Superior Components - Utilizing the finest custom motors, prime electronics, and costly Lemo connectors, the TOC system is designed not only to perform flawlessly, but to last for years. Painstakingly selected, assembled, and tested components ensure that you'll get every penny out of your investment.

Intensive, Robust Software - Our proprietary software draws on decades of experience in electronics programming, motion control, and optics implemented at the very highest levels of filmmaking. Extremely flexible and easy to use, the parametric lens control interface can be easily accessed and tuned through the TOC controller. Designed to be future-proof, the architecture of this system allows for extensive upgrades.

Handheld Controller Unit - This exquisite handheld unit is machined from our custom extrusion and optimized for ergonomics and a compact, lightweight form factor. The standard TOC-DX1-K hand unit comes with intuitive slider control and fluid drag hand knob for 2 focusing options. Both have backlit marking strips that make operation easy even in darkened environments. The backlit LCD screen allows you to easily control calibration, motor power, motor smoothing, and lens-slider range scales so you can either limit the rotation of the lens or the travel of the slider for ultra-fine focus control. The menu system is intuitive and easy to read, thanks to the intelligent layout and high-contrast, backlit LCD.

Single-Axis Lens Drive "Receiver" - Actually a transceiver that communicates back and forth with the Hand Unit, the "Receiver" is built upon field-tested electronics and top-shelf componentry. It is built to exacting standards, with a robust, custom-extrusion housing, industry-standard connectors, and a lightweight, portable form factor. Attaching the Receiver anywhere is simple, owing to its compact & lightweight design. With the DX1-K, upgrading to a 2 channel focus/iris system is as easy as adding the receiver module and another motor.

Motor System - Our self-calibrating motor system is full of torque and ready to drive even the most demanding lenses (manual calibration available for infinite-spin lenses). Built upon superior, cutting-edge motor cores and utilizing a proprietary electromechanical design complement, our motor systems are versatile and rugged without any sacrifice in ultimate precision. A full set industry-standard gears is included with each motor, and the gears mount to either side of the drive hub for added flexibility. Our easy-to adjust, reversible clamping system works with standard 19mm or 15mm rods, and it can be mounted in a huge variety of positions.

VZ-TOC-DX1-K Set contents:

• TOC Intelligent Handheld Controller w/ Slider and Knob
• "Receiver" Lens Drive Box
• Lens Drive Motor w/integrated swiveling connection cable and full multi-pitch gear set
• 2200 mAh battery (Canon BP-927 style)
• 2-port battery charger
• Custom Hard Case (waterproof, pressure valve)

Optional accessories
• Power cables for camera-to-receiver (D-tap, XLR, Lemo options)
• AC adapter

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