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Wondlan Matte Box

Foto Wondlan Matte Box
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Matte Box

Wondlan launches the latest high-quality matte box, with more functions and higher performance price ratio

1. The surface of flags and inside of main body adopt no light spray workmanship inside the lense of military collimator

2. It is designed uniquely withSwing-away function, which is helpful for changing lenses

3. All the three detachable flags are made from aerometal material, which can be detached and fixed easily and quickly. One can adjust upper flag and lateral flags manually, besides,the patent design of bayonets on the lateral flag solves the problem of its easy come-off in any matte boxes all over the world

4. The front dia. is 245mm-160mm; the back dia. is 140mm; distance between front and back is 115mm. Suiting for 16:9 screen and wide-angle lens and providing 4 rubber gaskets (suitable for lenses with diameter of 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 103mm )

5. Offering universal rotating filter grooves and it is available to insert two 4*4 or 4x*5.65 filter frames with two 4x4 and 4x5.65 filters, besides,the filter frame is rotatable, which is convenient for fixing PL filter

6. The design of quick release is suitable with 15mm diameter rail(International standard) and one can adjust the height of matte box quickly and widely to closely meet the position of all kinds of lenses

1. Main Body--------------------------------------- 1PCs
2.15mm lightweight swing-away arm ------1PCs
3. rubber gasket(4 standard) ------------------4PCs
4. 360 degree rotating filter stages ---------- 2Pcs
5. filter frames (4*5.65)---------------------------2PCs
6. adjustable filter(altering to 4*4)--------------2PCs
7. top flag -------------------------------------------- 1PCs
8. side flag -------------------------------------------2PCs

Technische Daten

• -200 1. Sehr widerstandsfähige Oberflächenbeschichtung
• 2. Zur Seite schwenkbar zum Objektivwechsel
• 3. Frontdurchmesser 160mm-245mm; Objektivöffnung 140mm; Abstand zwischen Front- und Rücköffnung 115mm. Entwickelt für 16:9 Weitwikel Objektive, inkl. 4 Neopren Zwischenadapter mit folgenden Öffnungsmaßen: 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 102mm
• 4. 360 Grad drehbare Filteraufnahmen. 2 Dual-Filter Tabletts, unterstützt 4x4 und 4x5.65 Filtergrößen
• 5. Die Schnellwechselhalterung erlaubt die einfache Montage und Entnahme an 15mm Rod Systemen und die einfache Anpassung in Höhe und Tiefe zum Objektiv

1 x Main Body
1 x 15mm lightweight swing-away arm
4 x neoprene donuts (4 standard)
2 x 360 degree rotating filter stages
2 x filter frames (4*5.65)
2 x adjustable filter ( change 4*4)
1 x top flag
2 x side flag

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