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VariZoom VZCrossFire DSLR Support Systems

Foto VariZoom VZCrossFire DSLR Support Systems

Our proprietary handle & gimbal design can either be unlocked as a fluid gimbal for floating stabilizer shots or locked inline for stationary monopod shots. The slim design and narrow base allow the shooter to hold the CrossFire FP close to the body, relieving stress and enabling tight maneuvers in the most varied circumstances.

FlowPod, Balancing Plate and Clamp, Custom Carry Case, LowMode Kit

Technische Daten

Weight Lite Mode = 3 lbs / Full Mode = 5.5 lbs
Min Length Lite Mode = 24" / Full Mode = 31"
Min/Max Tripod Height 20" / 69"
Counterweights Inline Weights 2 x 0.22 lbs, Collar Weights 2 x 0.14 lbs
Camera Weight Range 0.35-9 lbs overall (Lite Mode = 0.35-1.8 lbs as equipped or 0.35-5lbs w/ optional XFFP-WK kit, Full Mode = 5-9 lbs as equipped or 2-9 lbs w/ optional weight plate
Construction Aluminum/Stainless Steel
Item Includes Stabilizer w/ removable tripod and quick-release camera plate, carrying case, 2 stainless inline counterweights, 2 sliding stainless ring counterweights, microweights, balancing plate
Warranty 2 year parts/labor

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