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Convergent Design Odyssey CD-OD-CASE

Stabiler und kompakter Transportkoffer für den Odyssey rekorder mit Zubehör. Durch Form-Schaumstoff sicherer Transport.

Foto Convergent Design Odyssey CD-OD-CASE
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The Convergent Design Odyssey Case is based on a Nanuk 910 with custom foam insert. The use of rigid foam means less is needed for protecting the gear and it can be precision cut. The main cutout for an Odyssey7 or Odyssey7Q includes removable layers of rigid foam to allow the Odyssey to fit snugly when bare or with a variety of battery plates and 3rd party accessory mounts. This includes all Convergent Design mounting plates, including the Teradek Bolt Adapter Plate, complete with wireless receivers mounted and all cables plugged in. An additional cutout is large enough to hold SSDs, cables, USB adapter, batteries, Teradek Bolt transmitters, etc.

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