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VariZoom CHICKENFOOTHEAD-AL Einbeinstativ mit Videokopf

Aluminium Einbeinstativ mit Schwenk-Neige-Videokopf bis 198cm Höhe.

Foto VariZoom CHICKENFOOTHEAD-AL Einbeinstativ mit Videokopf
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Lightweight aluminum 4-stage fluid head monopod with fold-down tripod foot. Extends up to 6.9 feet and includes a fluid pan/tilt head for smooth video. Supports 25lbs; fluid head 10lbs tilting.

This compact and lightweight support offers the portability and quick setup of a conventional monopod with the added stability of a tripod base. The tripod base connects to the monopod section with a ball joint that allows smooth repositioning of the monopod so you can capture any angle needed. Included with this system is a fluid head for smooth panning and tilting. Capable of operating as a tripod/monopod, basic handheld stabilizer, telescoping handheld boom for small cameras, or even a stand for small lights and microphones, the ChickenFoot will quickly find a place in your videography toolkit. The 4-stage aluminum design allows the unit to collapse into a very compact form and expand to an extended height of 6.9 feet while retaining excellent rigidity. High quality twist-lock fittings provide easy and secure adjustment for on-the-go shooting. The 'chickenfoot' tripod base folds up for transport and locks down into 3 positions for flexible configuration, and it can even be removed if you wish to use the system as a traditional 'monopod'. The adjustable rubber tripod feet thread out for leveling adjustment, and spiked feet are also included for added stability on different surfaces. The fluid head includes one telescoping handle and a second optional handle can be added. You can even configure the unit as a hi hat tripod by removing the 'chickenfoot' tripod base and attaching the fluid head directly to it. Also includes a soft padded carrying case and removable wrist strap for safe handling.

Technische Daten

Item Includes: 4-stage monopod w/ folding tripod base, fluid pan/tilt head w/ extendable handle, top support plate w/ reversible 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 mounting stud, spiked feet (interchangeable w/ pre-mounted rubber feet), padded carrying case
Folded Length 25"
Max./Min. Operating Height 26" / 83"
Recommended Cam Weight Up to 25 lbs. static and vertical; Fluid head up to 10lbs tilting; not to be left freestanding and unattended.
Unit Weight 4.6 Lbs.
Head type Fluid w/ tilt drag, pan lock, tilt lock, 1 extending handle included
Material Monopod: Aluminum; Head: Aluminum
Warranty 1 years parts/labor


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