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VariZoom CHICKENHEAD Kopf für Einbeinstativ

Schwenk-Neige-Kopf für VariZoom Einbeinstativ Chickenfoot.

Foto VariZoom CHICKENHEAD Kopf für Einbeinstativ
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Fluid head for attaching to Chickenfoot, flat-base tripods, other monopods, jibs, or any flat-base mount w/ 3/8"-16 stud. Not compatible with bowl-mount tripods.

This fluid pan tilt head is a perfect upgrade for owners of the Chickenfoot or any flat-base tripod, monopod, slider or other device w/ a flat base and 3/8"-16 screw mount. The head features pan & tilt lock and tilt drag adjustment, a leveling bubble, and one telescoping pan handle (plus the ability to add a second optional pan handle). Note: this is not compatible with the VZT75A, VZTK75A or other bowl-mount tripods.

Technische Daten

Item Includes: fluid pan/tilt head w/ extendable handle, 1yr warranty
Recommended Cam Weight 10 lbs.
Head type Flat mount (3/8"-16), tilt drag, pan lock, tilt lock, dual rosettes for left-right handle mounting
Weight 2.25 lbs (including handle)


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