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VariZoom VZ-M5/M7 Akkuplatte Canon BP (VZMBPC)

Foto VariZoom VZ-M5/M7 Akkuplatte Canon BP (VZMBPC)
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Canon battery plate BP series for VZM5 and VZM7 monitors.
This battery plate allows you to power VZM5 and VZM7 monitors using the widely available Canon BP type batteries (e.g., BP-945, BP-930). Buy this plate as an upgrade to your VZM7 or VZM5 monitor and run it using your existing Canon batteries, or purchase a VZDBC charger and S8945 battery from VariZoom for a portable monitor power solution. The plate attaches easily with a few phillips screws and no technical installation.

Technische Daten

Compatible with Canon BP type batteries (BP-945, -970, -930, -927, etc.). Attaches with 6 phillips screws.


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