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IKAN VK7i HDMI LCD Monitor 7 Zoll IPS

Foto IKAN VK7i HDMI LCD Monitor 7 Zoll IPS
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Video Inputs
• Component
• Composite

• 1024 x 600 resolution IPS Panel !
• Looping HDMI, Component, and Composite I/O
• RGB Adjust
• Image Mirror/Flip
• Tally system
• DSLR scaling

The VK7 is equipped with Monochrome Peaking features which highlight the desired focus area in a bright, red outline. The operator adjusts the focus control until the red indicator outlines on the desired area are razor sharp, indicating optimal focus. For the best results, be sure the subject is properly exposed.

DSLR Scaling
The DSLR Scaling function will allow users to extend their DSLR camera's HDMI video output any option of four - Normal, 3:2, 16:9 or Full Screen - convenience made simple.

False Color
The False Color feature utilizes a full spectrum of assigned color indicators, ensuring flawless shot exposure. As the camera Iris is adjusted, the subject of the image will change color based on specific brightness values indicating optimal exposure.

Adjustable Under Exposure & Over Exposure Warning
As an additional tool associated with the VK7's False Color feature, ikan's exclusive Adjustable Under Exposure and Over Exposed Waning feature gives the operator full control of the VK7 False Color brightness values. By setting the preferred IRE exposure limits, the operator is warned when the image exposure is exceeding or falling under the preset IRE limit, providing customizable, full image exposure control.

Clip Guides
The VK7 offers adjustable upper Clip Guide levels to accurately display overexposed images in any shooting condition. The operator simply assigns the upper IRE to their preference and any exposure over the set IRE limit will flash in a vivid purple, indicating only the over exposed area.

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